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Heart of an Athlete

Hello. My name is Jessica Punch and I am the author of The Heart of an Athlete. My entire life I have been a dreamer and have always wanted to do something bigger than me. For a while I thought this was a flaw in me, but now I view it as a passion that I know will lead me to do great things. Not only will this passion to achieve pull me towards greatness, it will physically, mentally and spiritually bring out who I was meant to become. 
As a retired gymnast and competitive Crossfit athlete, I live out the belief that people are more capable than they think. In order to accomplish your goals, I have found that it takes more mental strength and training than physical. Beyond that, it also takes the growth of a person outside of them being an athlete. When people are mentally tough, well trained, and consistently develop their personal growth, the body and what it can do often times surpasses what we believe it can do. As a gymnastics coach to athletes I mentally and physically train, I have seen the results training your mind produces and have learned to value mental training through my athletes. 
The beauty in our composition as humans is that we were created to be boundless. Unfortunately, too many of us give up when we have to work hard for something, or let our minds stop us from achieving our dreams. Being the amazing creations that we are doesn’t mean that we won’t have to work hard. Personally, choosing to work hard fulfills our existence and mirrors a glimpse of how great our creator is.
 It is with this belief that I have written The Heart of an Athlete and hope you are both motivated and inspired to live out your love for your sport.​
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The Heart of an Athlete is an interactive, inspirational aid for athletes who struggle with mental blocks. Through 26-entries ranging from self-image to determination, athletes will be able to achieve new heights and grow into the best version of themselves. As an athlete myself, I strongly believe in and value the importance of being physically and mentally strong. Being mentally strong has changed my perspective on what our limits are and how far athletes can go. Learning to work past my struggles and conquer what holds me back in life has opened new doors of possibility and has taught me that anything really is achievable. My hope is that my readers can relate and gain insight to become better athletes and better overall individuals.

And on the eighth day, God created gymnastics.

Skeptics need only ask our Gymnast